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Re: from a class three human

>I am a class three paleontologist as I have recently been
>classified.  But you have to put up with my input too.  I
>have been lurking for the most part and did not intend to
>voice my opinion for another month or so.  However in this
>discussion about us amateurs I finly have to make a comment
>or two.

Paul et al -

        Please excuse my ignorance, but I seem to have missed wherever this
new numerical classification of paleontologists was handed down.  Could
someone provide an explanation or a reference?  Thanks so much!

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        "I repainted the picture Brown had painted for us.  A dying,
shrinking lake...these great...behemoths...dying..."
        "Well," she said, "all you tell me may be so...but I still can't
see why such creatures would have wanted to do it in the first place."
        "Do what, ma'am?"
        "Why, crawl away back under all that rock to die."

-- Roland T. Bird, _Bones for Barnum Brown_