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Re: hips and dinner


    Thought you'd get a kick out of my 4-yr old's response to your writing:

>[Greg Paul once suggested that ceratopsians were pig- or entelodont-like
>omnivores.  I don't think the anatomical evidence is all there to support
>such an hypothesis, but I admit that the thought of a couple of Triceratops
>quarrelling over the carcass of a Tyrannosaurus has a kind of twisted

    I read this passage out loud to my wife and we laughed, then my son
laughed and said "twisted appeal... a banana peel, Dad?". He's good at
finding fossils, and I guess he's developing a sense of humor too...

Eric Winter
Eric, Diane, Alex and Caroline Winter
The Paleo Four
Alex is the youngest known fossil collector in the world. First specimen
discovered at age 10 months.