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Re: The Dinosaur Egg Debate

>representaive of type 2. sub a. ii, I have had the personal displeasure of
>running into type 4's at _THE_ONLY_ place in Maryland that (Dr. Holtz
>probably knows where) one can collect  Lower Cretaceous vertebrate material.
>I am sworn to secrecy as to it's location!  The owners are very leary of
> "strangers" and require clearance from the Smithsonian before they would
>even consider granting permission! There are only 3 or 4 people including
>myself that have permission to enter  at all and I am the only one that has
>been given the key to the place!  I met  a  type 3 who  claims to be only
>interested in collecting sequoia cones but tramples indiscriminantly over a
>section of the outcrop that the  I have been concentrating my efforts in (for
>good reason) potentially damaging material that is usaually already badly
>damaged by company activity.


    I have had a similar experience (I live In Baltimore and collect all
over the state). There's an upper K site in central MD that was decimated by
a team of commercial collectors that came in from NJ and hacked out a large
part of a stream bank, largely destroying a productive (if scientifically
minor) site. They teed off the local community, who erected a fence around
the site (subsequently washed away in a flood). Believe me, I share your
frustration (I'm a type 3a ^:) ), especially when I take my son to a
"public" site, only to learn that it has been closed or sealed off, or even
destroyed, by abuse.

Eric, Diane, Alex and Caroline Winter
The Paleo Four
Alex is the youngest known fossil collector in the world. First specimen
discovered at age 10 months.