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Re(3): Chicxulub and sulfur

On 95-01-28 at 02.53, Tompaleo@aol.com wrote:

> >suggesting paleoweltschmerz...
> What is that?

Well, that was a joke, of course, the author of which suggested that the
beasts simply got fed up with existence and closed shop  sorry to have left
out the smiley. Here it is;-). De mortuis nihil nisi bene and all that, but
neither the dinos nor the dino buffs will be hurt by an occasional light

>This is not beyond the realm of possibility, even for a sequence of periodic
>impact/mass extinctions over the entire Phanerozoic since each paleoecologic 
>and biotic  situation were themselves unique to their respective eras.

That must have been a big'un. But it _is_ of course possible. And I agree
completely that what distinguishes the biological from the physical sciences
is unicity and history -- an electron is history-less, but a species or and
individual or a fauna is not. BTW, have you read Ernst Mayr on The Growth of
Biological Thought?

Best regards,
Lars Bergquist

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