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Re: fossil sales

Larry Smith is a long way off the mark:  in environmental and animal
protection circles I have never been known as a "radical greenie,"  I have
never been a socialist,  and in fact I have been known for advocating free
market solutions to those environmental and animal protection problems to
which they may be applicable.  Similarly,  I don't recognize any other
"radical greenies" among the other dinosaur board participants--but I do
recognize a tendency of wise-users to attempt to discredit anyone and
everyone else with name-calling.  There is in fact a legitimate public
interest in protecting and encouraging the acquisition and distribution of
knowledge,  whether from fossils or other sources,  and wise-users who expect
others to take their rights to private property into serious consideration
should extend the same courtesy to those who place other interests at the
forefront of their own values.  --Merritt Clifton,  editor,  ANIMAL PEOPLE.