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Re: Archaeopterix

>From: Mike Bonham <bonham@jade.ab.ca>
 > Lets see where this takes us:
 > In the early Jurassic, a branch of the theropods evolves feathers and flight,
 > producing birds.  One branch of early birds GIVES UP flight, producing
 > Archaeopterix and evolving into more highly developed flightless maniraptoran
 > dinosaurs.  ...
 >  Thus, in this
 > scenario you could say Tyrannosaurus evolves from birds!
 > Is there any plausibility to this idea? 

It's been suggested before, by George Olshevsky.

He resolves the resulting taxonomic issues by restricting Aves
to the carinate birds (= Neornithes??).  That way Tyrannosaurus
remains a dinosaur, not a bird.

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