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Re(2): Chicxulub and sulfur

On 95-01-24 at 20.33, BAALKE@kelvin.jpl.nasa.gov wrote:

>      "If this asteroid had struck almost any other place on Earth,
> it  wouldn't have generated the tremendous amount of sulfur that was
>  spewed into the atmosphere to create such a devastating, worldwide 
> climate change," Baines said.  

All right, the theory is appealing but wait a minute--there have been other
spectacular mass extinctions in the past. What about the Permian one, for
instance? Unless there exist meteorites that home on areas with sulfur-rich
evaporites, the explanation must be a unique one for a unique event, and other
mass extinctions must have entirely different causes. I remember someone
suggesting paleoweltschmerz...

Lars Bergquist

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