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Linneaus (probably) not valid type of Homo sapiens

>I have now received a reference stating that Linnaeus is the
>Lectotype of  *Homo sapiens* (Stearn, WT 1959, Systematic Zool
>8:4-22 amongst others).  So Cope is not the Lectotype of *Homo
>sapiens* and never will be.

Unless Linneaus was accessioned (rather than buried), he cannot remain the
type.  I imagine Bakker's main argument will be "since the lectotype (Carl
Linne') has been destroyed [since a burial plot or tomb do not make good
specimen storage space...], Cope will be made the neotype of Homo sapiens."

As a Yale man, I'm not to keen on E.D. Cope as the type of the species, but
Bakker may have a valid (albiet weird) argument.

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