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Re: Help! Reference recommendations

> Would anybody out there be kind enough to suggest some book / paper titles
> and authors on the following topics:
>            i)  Dinosaur ecology

For this, I would suggest The Dinosauria. The end of each chapter is
devoted to the paleoecology of the group covered in the chapter itself.
You can start from there and look into the cited literature.

Weishampel, Dodson & Osmolska (eds.) 1990. The Dinosauria. University
        of California Press, Berkeley.

>           ii)  Dinosaur footprints

Try to find these two references:

Gillette and Lockley (eds.) 1989. Dinosaur tracks and traces. Cambridge
        University Press, Cambridge.

Lockley. 1991. Tracking dinosaurs. Cambridge Uni. Press, Cambridge.
> All suggestions gratefully received. 
> Martin Veart,
> University of Wales, Aberystwyth,
> U.K.