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Re: hips and dinner

>Are there any carnivorous ornithischians? Any herbivorous (non-sauropod)
>jonathan marcot

As far as we know, there were no strictly carnivorous ornithischians.  It
is possible that primitive ornithischians such as
Lesothosaurus/Fabrosaurus, Heterodontosaurus, etc. may have been somewhat
omnivorous (and even a hadrosaur might have now and then ingested an insect
sitting on a leaf they were eating).  However, no known ornithischian shows
specialized adaptations for either hunting or meat-eating.

[Greg Paul once suggested that ceratopsians were pig- or entelodont-like
omnivores.  I don't think the anatomical evidence is all there to support
such an hypothesis, but I admit that the thought of a couple of Triceratops
quarrelling over the carcass of a Tyrannosaurus has a kind of twisted

Prosauropods were herbivorous (or at most omnivorous) saurischians.  It is
possible that some of the beaked theropods (ornithomimosaurs, oviraptorids,
Avimimus) may have been primarily herbivorous, and evidence suggests that
all these plus therizinosauroids (segnosaurs) and maybe troodontids were
likely omnivores.

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