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Re: einiosaurus, achelousaurus?

>I am not familiar with the references to 'einiosaurus' or 'achelousaurus';
>are these dinosaurs?  From the names (ending in "saurus"), I thought they
>might be.  If so, can anyone provide some basic details such as age,
>classification, locale of findings, basic description of any distinguishing
>features?  Are there any species assigned to the genera?  Who described these
>findings, and when?  (Don't ask for much, do I ? <g>)  If dinosaurian, these
>will be items 2576 and 2577 in my database
>of dinosaurs!

Einiosaurus procurvicornis and Achelousaurus horneri are two new
"to-be-named" species of ceratopsian dinosaur, closely related to
Pachyrhinosaurus.  Scott Sampson presented these two at the SVP meeting in
Seattle last year.  I don't know when the official publication comes out.

Einiosaurus is the dinosaur refered to as "Styracosaurus makeli" in
_Dinosaurs: A Global View_ by Czerkas and Czerkas.

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