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Homo sapiens

Two things....

Does anyone know the reference for the designation of 'elected Type' 
of _Homo sapiens_ that Bakker wrote last year?  If Cope is now 
considered as Type of the species, then everyone will have to 
measure up to a palaeontologist.  I always thought that Linnaeus had 
designated himself as Type of the species and as his skeleton still 
exists (as far as I am aware), then surely his skeleton should have 
remained the Type?

The other thing is a new theory of plate tectonics.  The meteorite, hit 
the Earth and all the continents did a double flip.  If you look at 
Psihoyos and Knoebber (Hunting Dinosaurs) 1994, page 7, you will 
see the continents are shown part way through the flip.  ;-)
(Sorry, I couldn't resist that......I guess the image is just back to 


Neil Clark
Curator of Palaeontology
Hunterian Museum
University of Glasgow
email: NCLARK@museum.gla.ac.uk

Mountains are found in erogenous zones.
(Geological Howlers - ed. WDI Rolfe)