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einiosaurus, achelousaurus?


In a recent message dealing with the relationships of 'styracosaurus' to
ceratopsians, Tom Holtz wrote:

> However, no one has demonstrated that true Centrosaurus is a female
>Styracosaurus.  I heard some years ago that there is a Syracosaurus bone
>bed, but that might have turned out to be the Einiosaurus and/or
>Achelousaurus bone beds.

I am not familiar with the references to 'einiosaurus' or 'achelousaurus';
are these dinosaurs?  From the names (ending in "saurus"), I thought they
might be.  If so, can anyone provide some basic details such as age,
classification, locale of findings, basic description of any distinguishing
features?  Are there any species assigned to the genera?  Who described these
findings, and when?  (Don't ask for much, do I ? <g>)  If dinosaurian, these
will be items 2576 and 2577 in my database 
of dinosaurs!

Thanks in advance,
Lyle Blosser, dinosaurophile