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Re: Dinosaur eggs

There are _much_ better, and cheaper alternatives for collectors, and these
alternatives are better for science as well.  There are various businesses
across the United States (and, presumably, in other countries) that will
sell detailed _casts_ of dinosaur eggs, skulls, claws and other reproductions.

Here are two (sorry that I don't have their addresses at my computer):

Skullduggery (advertizes in science magazines).

Matt Smith
Bozeman, Mt. (doesn't advertize much, as far as I know)

  Skullduggery, Inc. pays royalties to a museum for each cast it sells.  This
is because museums will provide molds to Skullduggery.  Museums need all the
financial help they can get these days.  I don't know about whether Matt Smith
pays royalties to museums, but I know he is closely associated with the 
Museum of the Rockies.

 If you want something for your mantle or coffee table, get an exact r
reproduction.  Don't reward those who plunder our scientific resources by
buying from them.