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Re: Sue

On Mon, 23 Jan 1995 Roudebush@aol.com wrote:

> Does anyone know the status of the T-Rex which was taken by the F.B.I.

There is a BBS at UC Berkeley which has articles posted by Ron Baalke 
from all the way back to 1993 concerning Sue.  You can get there on 
the Internet through: 
Discipline specific Internet resources / Earth Sciences / Museum of 
Paleontology Gopher (U. Cal. Berkeley) / Museum Bulletin Boards and Info 
Requests / Museum Direct Add Bulletin Board / Museum of Paleontology 
Bulletin Board.

Besides many articles (usually reprints of newspaper articles) about Sue, 
there are other good tidbits concerning dinosaurs and paleontology in 
general.  Unfortunately, there is no way to subscribe to this board (at 
least as far as I can tell) so you'll have to log onto it occassionally 
to see what's new.  New articles appear there a few times a week.