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Re: Dinosaur eggs

  I'm about to change the welcome message for new subscribers.  The new
  message will explicitly direct people not to ask about or advertise
  fossils for sale.  Most of us on this list are here because we're
  interested in sharing information about dinosaurs.  Making fossils a
  commodity has a tendency to lead to practices which are destructive of
  the fossils and the information obtainable from them.  Much of the
  scientific value of a fossil is lost as soon as it's taken out of the
  ground unless appropriate references are kept with it.  People hoping
  only to turn a profit from fossils are less likely to care about such
  things, and thus are a hindrance to the sharing of information we'd
  all like to have.

Surely these issues aren't a concern when it comes to common stuff like
trilobites, or the fossil fish from the Green River formation in
Wyoming?  There are millions, possibly billions, of some of these common

Incidentally, there is a company called Skullduggery which advertises a
lot of stuff including dinosaurs (and has posted here occasionally).
However all their stuff is casts, not originals, so I assume there is no
objection to them.

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