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Dinosaur eggs

I have seen advertisements of dinosaur eggs for sale.  Does anyone have any
experience with collecting, purchasing, or selling dinosaur eggs through
commercial dealers?  What kind of verification is offerred or needed?  How
do prices run?  Are there different types of eggs?  What makes for a good
specimen?  Does anyone subscribing to this group have any for sale? Are
there any good reference books or review articles in the professional
literature?  Are there any legal problems of an import/export nature?  Are
these legally considered antiques, organic matter, or mineral?  Can the egg
be maintained as a collectible but still be useful for someone to study?

Thank you,

Henry Tobin

Beckman Neuroscience Center, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory;
P. O. BOX 100, Cold Spring Harbor, NY  11724;
TELE: (516) 367-8886; FAX: (516); 367-8880; E-MAIL: tobin@cshl.org.