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Re: styracosaurus

I also read something off of the back of a postcard (reliable source, 
huh?) and if I remember correctly, from Paul's _Predatory Dinosaurs of 
the World_ that Styracosaurus is synonymous with the genus Monoclonius. 
Has this interpretation been written up in any scientific literature?

Jonathan Marcot

On Mon, 23 Jan 1995 BPC.APA@email.apa.org wrote:

> That spelling doesn't look right... Anyway, I recently picked up a 
> dinosaur calender illustrated by xxxxx Franczyk (spelling again). In one 
> caption it claims that centrosaurus is now the female of styracosaurus. I 
> was under the impression that this is only speculative. What's up? 
> Forgive me if this was once covered (I thought it was but have no 
> record). Aside from that, and a Tarbosaurus/Tyrannosaurus caption, the 
> illustrations look great. And, as a bonus, the calender contains a lot of 
> Australia/New Zealand holidays, which I can claim as excuses for missing 
> work...
> Blaise Considine [bpc.apa@email.apa.org]