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Help! I am writing a short paper on Dromaeosaurid phylogeny and I can't 
find any references to Utahraptor in the literature. If anyone knows 
where I can find a paper or two on this animal I would greatly 
the info!



Hunteria: Publications in Paleontology of the Societas Paleontographica 
Coloradensis (vol.2 no.10) contains information on the Utahraptor.  You 
can get the publication by writing to Lani Duke, Editorial Office, 202 
North Ave., #130, Grand Junction, CO 81501 or call (303)242-7520.

Skullduggery has been licensed to reproduce the sickle claw of the 
Utahraptor. If you would like a catalog of fossil replicas which 
includes the claw please e-mail your s-mail address and I will mail the 
latest catalog to you.

Good luck with your paper!

Emmy Koehl