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Re: Coelophysis

>On Sun, 22 Jan 1995, Eric, Diane, Alex and Caroline Winter wrote:
>> Gee Steve, when are you going to do a dinosaur theme game? How about dino
>> wars? We mount different weapons on dinosaurs and ride them around an
>> arena... ;^)
>You mean KILL DINOSAURS? Bite your tongue!
>Hey, maybe if the guns all fire cream pies or something . . . 

Touchee. My son would never play it if the dinosaurs were hurt. He still
thinks of the T-rex in Jurassic Park as the hero because it "saved them from
the velociraptors". He's only 4, so we skip past the gory parts in the
movie, so he did not see what the T-rex did to the lawyer earlier in the
film. See what lack of the study of history does to a young mind? He starts
to see the badguy as the goodguy. Well, who am I to argue? I thought the
lawyer deserved it anyway...

>> Just kidding. Congrats on your court case, but wasn't that a while ago?
>The raid was in 1990; the case was tried last year; I got the final
>payment from the Secret Service just last week. And I bet people will ask
>me "Did you get your computers back" for the rest of my life . . . 


Did you get your computers back? ;^)

>** Steve Jackson - yes, of SJ Games - yes, we won the USSS case - fnord **
>   yes, INWO is out - http://io.com/sjgames/ - dinosaurs, Lego, Kahlua!

BTW, what is "INWO" (personal reply if desired, if anyone gets ticked at too
far of a diversion from dinosaurs)?

Eric, Diane, Alex and Caroline Winter
The Paleo Four
Alex is the youngest known fossil collector in the world. First specimen
discovered at age 10 months.