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Re: Coelophysis

On Sun, 22 Jan 1995, Eric, Diane, Alex and Caroline Winter wrote:

> Gee Steve, when are you going to do a dinosaur theme game? How about dino
> wars? We mount different weapons on dinosaurs and ride them around an
> arena... ;^)

You mean KILL DINOSAURS? Bite your tongue!
Hey, maybe if the guns all fire cream pies or something . . . 

> Just kidding. Congrats on your court case, but wasn't that a while ago?

The raid was in 1990; the case was tried last year; I got the final
payment from the Secret Service just last week. And I bet people will ask
me "Did you get your computers back" for the rest of my life . . . 

** Steve Jackson - yes, of SJ Games - yes, we won the USSS case - fnord **
   yes, INWO is out - http://io.com/sjgames/ - dinosaurs, Lego, Kahlua!