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Hello, we are two sixth graders at Burley Glenwood Elem. in Port Orchard, 
Washington. We wanted to know if you know who was the first person to dig 
up a Spinosaurus & the Protoceratops. If you do, was it a full skeloton, 
when was it found, where is it located, is the Spinosaurus & the 
Protoceratops on display at a museum, does the museum have an e-mail 
address, & how did the Spinosaurus & the Protoceratops protect itself? 
Where did you get the information that you have? Also we wanted to know 
if you know what types of plants there were in the Creatacous and the 
Triassic Period. 
             Thanks for the information that you have given us.                

              Shary & Rannell