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Re: Coelophysis

As the biographer of Cope, yes Steve Jackson is correct so far as I 
know.  Cope was the first to describe a fossil of Ceolophysis.  If you 
want to really impress your teacher, find a copy of H. F. Osborn's old 
biography __Cope: Master Naturalist somewhere and look up the 
bibliography cite for the description by Cope.  That book has a fairly 
complete bibliography of Cope's writings.  J. Davidson

On Wed, 18 Jan 1995, Steve Jackson wrote:

> On Wed, 18 Jan 1995, Chris Nedin wrote:
> > >   Hi!  We are two sixth grade students. We are hoping to know who found
> > >the first Coelophysis  and where it was found? Was it a full skeleton?
> > >Was it an adult or child? Is it in good condition? When was it found? Is
> The FIRST Coelophysis goes back to an 1881 find by David Baldwin, a 
> collector then working for Edward Drinker Cope. It came from Rio Arriba, 
> NM. Cope originally described it as a new Coelurus species in 1887, but 
> changed his mind later in the year. In 1889 he published a description 
> under the name Coelophysis. 
> The original find consisted of leg bones, vertebrae, pelvic bones, and 
> rib fragments. It is not stated that it was juvenile, so it was probably 
> adult. From the description, I doubt very much that any of that original 
> material was of display quality.
> My authority here is David A.E. Spalding's DINOSAUR HUNTERS; having read 
> it a couple of days ago, it was easy to locate the information!
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