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Re: FAQ: what is the SVP?

>Are the SVP national meeting sessions open to the interested public? I was
>fortunate to be able to attend the Dinofest at Indy last year, and would
>very much like to be able to continue my education. I am assuming one must
>be a member of the SVP. Am I correct?
>Thanks for your time,
>John Rafert       jrafert@xray.indyrad.iupui.edu
>Indiana University

Well, unlike the Dinofest, an SVP conference is a technical conference.
Although all are welcome to attend the meetings, the price can be steep for
a non-member (can't quote you a price at the moment, but something like
$120 or thereabouts).  More important, the talks are not geared for the
general audience, but rather for professional colleagues.  While some of
the talks might be general enough for a broad audience, some are so
specific that only a relatively small portion of the attendees might be
aware of the details being debated.  Even SVPers from other specialitys
might get lost in some of the latter.

Maybe some member of the interested lay public whose been to an SVP meeting
might give their thoughts on this subject?

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