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What is SVP

The Society of Vertebrate Paleontology is a professional society, but 
accepts "amateurs" (however one wants to define "amateur") as well.
In order to join, you must be nominated by a member (basically, a 
formality). A small one page form must be filled out, listing your
experience, education, and general or specific interests in vertebrate
paleontology.  Rates have recently gone up from around $69/year to something
like ~$80/year.

The S.V.P. publishes the _Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology_, which itself,
is worth the cost of membership.  You also receive the S.V.P. Newsletter,
which tells you about what paleontologists are doing all over the world.

The annual meetings are not open to the general public; and they are not
"free" either.  Registration costs are (rough estimation) somewhere over
$100 for the last meeting in Seattle.  But, on the up-side, you are getting
your money's worth, because you can sit in on any talk you like, and there are
a lot of new discoveries discussed at these meetings.

For more infomation, write to:

 Pamela D'Argo
Society of Vertebrate Paleontology
401 N. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, Ill. 60611-4267