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Re: Sick Bones

     John Rafert (and others):
       The information you want for the paleopathology book is:
B. Rothchild and L. Martin 1993.  Paleopathology: Disease in the fossil 
record.  CRC Press.  ISBN 0-8493-8897-x.  You may order at CRC Press, 
2000 Corporate Blvd. NW, Boca Raton, Fl.  The book is almost $150.00 (I 
forget exactly).

     Clive Trueman (and others):
        There is a symposium volume on paleopathology that has been in 
press for some time.  The book, Paleopathology, is edited by B. 
Rothchild and S. Shelton.  It is to be published by the University of 
Texas Press.  Most of your questions should be answered by the various 
papers in the volume.  As for paleopathology in marine reptiles, there 
was a paper by Rothchild and Martin in American Scientist (I forget the 
volume number).  It was published in 1993, I believe.