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>I hope that I did not get you in trouble with the powers that be with my
>message about your cabin and gas refrig.  Did you, in fact get it, or did
>some nasty ol' NASA Official intercept it before it got to you?  If so, I
>will be happy to repost.

Not at all. The only reason my sig says what it does now is that my
_company_ (Hughes) is cracking down. I'm trying to avoid potential problems.
And anyway, we now gave a SLIP connection at home, so we can easily direct
all personal mail to our OWN account. Who needs NASA computers? ......
(Actually, uh, I do.)

>So far I have not had any problems about receiving more "personal" mail
>here at work.  If that happens, I guess I will have to get an account for
>my home computer.

The severity of the "stigma" depends on your employer. Being a government
contractor, they're playing hardball with us. My SLIP is only $33/month, and
it also lets my wife easily communicate with me during the day (I work at
Goddard Space Flight Center, which is 40 miles from home). Also, I can
easily download stuff for my computer-and-dinosaur-enraptured 4-yr old, Alex.

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Eric, Diane, Alex and Caroline Winter
The Paleo Four
Alex is the youngest known fossil collector in the world. First specimen
discovered at age 10 months.