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(fwd) RESULT: sci.bio.paleontology passes 309:19

Just to save Bob the trouble:

  From: bailey@hagar.ph.utexas.edu
  Subject: RESULT: sci.bio.paleontology passes 309:19
  Date: 12 Jan 1995 13:18:05 -0500
  Organization: Usenet Volunteer Votetakers
  Message-ID: <sci.bio.paleontology-RESULT@uunet.uu.net>

             unmoderated group sci.bio.paleontology passes 309:19

  Voting for sci.bio.paleontology closed at 23:59 UTC, 5 January 1995.
  There were 309 YES votes and 19 NO votes, for a total of 328 valid
  votes.  There were 5 abstains and 12 invalid ballots.  23 ballots
  were canceled, superceded, or discarded as duplicates.

  For group passage, YES votes must be at least 2/3 of all valid (YES
  and NO) votes.  There also must be at least 100 more YES votes than
  NO votes.

  There is a five day discussion period after these results are
  posted.  If no serious allegations of voting irregularities are
  raised, the moderator of news.announce.newgroups will create the
  group shortly thereafter.

  Newsgroups line: sci.bio.paleontology Paleontology and related topics

  This vote was conducted by a neutral third party.  For voting
  questions only contact Ed Bailey <bailey@hagar.ph.utexas.edu>.  For
  questions about the proposed group contact Bob Myers

  This CFV will be posted to the following mailing lists.
        Dinosaur <listserv@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu>
        Palaeobotany  <palaeobotany@vax.rhbnc.ac.uk>
        Pollination and Palynology List <listserv@uoguelph.ca>
        Taxonomic & Systematic Collections <listserv@HARVARDA.harvard.edu>


  The newsgroup sci.bio.paleontology is open to discussion on
  scientific topics concerning paleontology. All paleontological
  topics are welcome, such as discussions of extinct animals and
  plants, their physiology and phylogeny, fossils, paleoecology,
  extinction events, and recent discoveries, but all discussion of
  creation vs. evolution should take place in talk.origins, not

  sci.bio.paleontology Final Vote Ack

[ In the interests of brevity I've deleted the list of voters -- MR ]

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