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re: Submitting manuscripts

} Ken Carpenter mentioned the manuscript that he and his colleagues have sent
} off to J.v.p. I'm certainly not picking on Ken here. The mention of a
} manuscript submission brings up the question of giving it a wider readership
} at the review stage. I don't think the list here is the right place for
} that, but here's a suggestion:
} AN author could perhaps place a submitted manuscript on a gopher or WWW
} server, and simply announce to the list that it's available for scrutiny
} and private, personal comment. An author could thereby get a broader array
} of feedback.  The idea would be bad if the privilege was abused, say by
} inappropriate comments on the net. We have occasional comments by net
} contributors that they have seen a manuscript by this, that, or the other
} colleague, but you notice that those remarks are always general, non-specific,
} and careful not to post details that don't yet belong in *public* discussion
} unless the original author chooses to post those details.
} Richard Cowen

If you're really serious, you should check into the way this has been
done in physics over the past couple of years. Point a Web browser to
<http://xxx.lanl.gov/> which is the World Wide Web site for the e-print
archive.  Briefly, papers are submitted by authors in electronic form
(usually these days in Postscript, although some papers are still
submitted in TeX/LaTeX).  A daily summary of received papers is mailed
out by the e-print software to a mailing list, and papers can be
retrieved either by e-mail, http, or ftp.  It all works very well, and
has become a major distribution channel for preprints in physics.

Information about the software can probably be found at xxx.lanl.gov if
you look hard enough.

Sorry for the seriously off-topic post, but I thought the other
professionals on the list might be interested.
Paul J. Schinder
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center,
Code 693, Greenbelt, MD 20771 USA