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Re: Information

>Wanted, information on these dinosaurs:
>Liliensternus airelensis  Cuny & Galton, 1993

A new specimen of the genus Liliensternus (a member of the Coelophysoidea,
the Dilophosaurus-Coelophysis-Syntarsus group).  The libraries closed, so I
can't get the reference right now, but it was a German publication, I

>Melanorosaurus thabanensis  Gauffre, 1993

A new species of Melanorosaurus?  I look forward to this one

>Rhabdodon septimanicus  Buffetaut & Leouff, 1991

The reference is:

Buffetaut, E., and J. Le Loeuff.  1991.  Une nouvelle espece de _Rhabdodon_
(Dinosauria, Ornithischia) du Cretace superieur de l'Herault (Sud de la
France).  Comptes Rendus de l'Academie de Sciences, Serie II, 312:943-948.

This is a new species of the (basically unremarkable) genus Rhabdodon (a
mid-sized ornithopod of uncertain affinities).

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