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Re: Who was Katy Drivel ?

On Fri, 13 Jan 1995, Tom Holtz wrote:

> >PS.  I'll believe dinosaurs survived into the Palaeocene when someone finds
> >ARTICULATED bones, IN-SITU in a RELIABLY DATED Palaeocene deposit. (I know:
> >"dream-on").
> Or, for that matter, dinosaurian footprints in reliably dated Paleocene
> rocks.   (Dream on, indeed).
There is a site in Colorado which boast the last dinosaur (represented by 
footprints) to have existed.  The footprints are from a medium sized 
hadrosaur.  The strata is but only a few inches beneath a coal-bearing 
layer which is time equivalent to the Z-coal layer found above the K-T 
boundary in Montana.
The K-T boundary has not been established for the footprint site, but 
some workers say its Cretaceous (latest Masstrichtian).

Okay...so the hadrosaur decided to sleep walk right into Tertiary...that's
what happens when no one wakes you to let you know you had just become 

(I'll dream on, also...)
John Schneiderman (dino@revelation.unomaha.edu)