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Re: Charles Knight dinosaur calendar

 Charles R. Knight was a close friend of E. D. Cope and also of Henry F. 
Osborn, onetime President of the Amer. Museum.  Some of his illustrations
and his ideas therein came from Cope's influences and concepts of the
habits of various animals.  For instance, his illustration of
__Dryptosaurus was based directly on Cope's theories that this was a
lively carnivore.  Cope originally named this animal __Laelaps, but later
this name was changed, Laelaps being discovered to be a preoccupied name. 
His notion of how the dorsal plate on __Stegosaurus should go probably
derived from the proposed reconstructions of O.C.  Marsh. His illustration
of the animal originally known as __Dimetrodon was slightly more fanciful
I think that the ideas he got from Cope, who also discovered this one. For
some interesting early Knight illustrations can see an article written by
H. F.  Osborn on Cope in __Century Magazine LV 1897 p. 7-14 entitled, "A
Great Naturalist."  In the same issue there is a "Strange Creatures of the
Past," also with Knight illustrations.    J. Davidson