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Re: Triceratops and other Cha...


Boy, it's good to be back.....

  Tom, in your answer about the triceratops and chasmosaurii you did not
mention the relationship that monoclonius has with them.  I think it was Dr.
Currie from Alberta that theorised at the SVP that monoclonius was merely the
juvenile form of several different chasmosaurian types, (including
pachyrhinosaurus, if I remember right).
    How do you feel about this possible relationship?  I believe the theory
was the result of studying the mass bonebeds and the proportion of species at
each site, combined with the represented ages of all individuals present, and
that they found that the juveniles of a certain age appeared to be
unrepresented in all the sites, yet monoclonius (which does not share
features of the other species) seems to fit the size of the missing age
group, and always appears where the age group of chasmosaurs, or styracosaurs
would be missing. 
   As you can see, I don't have the whole theory straight in my head, so
further enlightenment would be great.....
  Thanks bunches!!!!

Betty Cunningham(Flyinggoat@aol.com)
illustrator, animator, and artist