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Re: Extinction - specific info

>I'm still looking for specific information regarding extinctions in
>the Cretaceous.....
>In particular, I'm interested in specific species that thrived (?) in
>the early Cretaceous, but went extinct BEFORE the end of the
>Cretaceous, and any theories as to why that particular species didn't

The question you ask may not be what you think you are asking.

The Cretaceous is THE longest formal period in Earth's history.  It was 15
million years longer than the whole of the Cenozoic.  Dinosaur species
averaged only some 3-6 million years or so.

>This is part of a training course, so I don't need alot of depth, but
>I do want accurate, and updated information.

Maybe a better question might be,

What dinosaurs did die out in the latest Cretaceous?  [That way, you can
figure out the rest by taking a list of all Cretaceous dinosaurs, and
subtracting these ones.]

Later today I'll try to get an updated list of the latest Maastrichtian
dinosaur species.

Hope this helps.

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