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Cost of a lawn dinosaur

jlipps@ucmp1.Berkeley.EDU (Jere H. Lipps) wrote:
 >Subject: Cost of a lawn dinosaur

J>The Oakland Tribune carried this information about a guy in Dixon, Calif,
 >who wanted to erect a 50-ft, 14,000 lb replica of a brontosaur on his front
 >lawn, sort of like a plastic lawn flamingo.  The Dixon planning department
 >wants him to pay $1044.63 for a building permit.  The guy says "outrageous,
 >it's art" , like the flamingos.  Just a little bigger.

FYI, it's there, right next to a mini-mart/gas station along I-80 in
Dixon, so I guess the guy paid the fee.  Sounds to me like it was a
commercial operation and not the 'front lawn' of a residence.  I also
expect that 50-foot-high ANYTHING might run afoul of local zoning
restictions.  It's fairly normal that one has to obtain a building
permit for a fence that exceeds 6 to 10 feet (depending upon local
ordinances) here in California.

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