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Co. needs material to cast

Fossil Recreations, inc. is trying to locate a Vert. Paleo. dept. or museum
that might possess one or more of the following specimens and allow us to
cast and market them under license.

1. Large tyrannosaurid toothe, structure must be intact including the root.

2. Large second toe of a dromaeosaurid such as Deinonychus.

3. Complete or nearly complete skeleton of either a Heterodontosaurid,
Hypsilophodontid, or Herrerasaurid.

Compansation would be in the form of a donation to the department or museum.
 We can be reached at:

                           Fossil Recreations, inc.
                           111 South Chelsea Park Place
                            Tucson, AZ 85748

                           Phone: (602) 298-5378
                           Fax: (602) 294-0386
                           e-mail: fossilprep@aol.com

Please use the listed e-mail address and do not reply to this posting.

Mark Pilossof
Product Development