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Re: Argentinosaurus original reference

 Bonaparte, J.F. and R.A. Coria.  1993.  Un nuevo y gigantesco sauropodo
> titanosaurio de la Formacion Rio Limay (Albiano-Cenomaniano) de la
> Provincia del Neuquen, Argentina.  Ameghiniana 30: 271-282.

  We are a  class of 5th/6th elementary kids doing
a project called Dinosaurs in Modern Times. We are assigned the            
Rio Limay site for our research.  Can anyone get us email addresses of   
paleontolgists involved in the project?  we also would like email 
addresess of any museums of universities near Rio Limay or anywhere 
in Argentina in case the scientists don't have/use email. We would 
welcome replies in Spanish or English.

>Ameghiniana 30: 271-282. 

Can anyone tell us what this means? Is it a phone number or part of the 
zipcode for Neuquen Province?  

Mrs. Gallen's class
Dinosaurs in Modern Times Project
Washington State On-line Projects
2301 M Street S.E.
Auburn, Wa  98002    phone:  206-931-4986