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Re[2]: how many professionals here?

Hello Sally,
     Please send the newsletter.  Apologies to other list members as Sally's
E-mail not posted.

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Subject: Re: how many professionals here?
Author:  dantho@Cybernetics.NET at smtp
Date:    4/1/1995 1:21 AM

For Sally Shelton:

Please send me a copy of the newsletter announcement mentioned in your email.  

Thanks for your participation.  I am new to the dinosaur discussion group 
and hope to provide, along with receive, valuable information and ideas on 
theories and practices of paleontology.

Dan Thomasson
Charlotte, NC

>If anyone would like a copy of the newsletter announcement, please feel 
>free to email me. Thanks for your interest.
>Sally Shelton
>Director, Collections Care and Conservation 
>San Diego Natural History Museum
>Chair, SVP Outreach Committee
>On Tue, 3 Jan 1995, Phillip Bigelow wrote: 
>> At last guess, there are roughly 40-some full-time (or part-time) dinosaur 
>> researchers in the world.  On this list-serve, I count one definate, and
>> maybe two or three others who actively participate.  Why so few professionals
>> who actively participate in the dinosaur mailing list discussions?
>> This seems like the logical place to impliment the Society of Vertebrate 
>> Paleontology's "Outreach Program".