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The signature indicates a professional dinosaur scientist.  Someone may want to
contact him for an invite to our mailing list.
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Subject: Re: Crops Circles Are Bullshit! 
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Vance Gloster (vance@netcom9.netcom.com) wrote:

: Didn't two guys in England claim that they created the hoax?  They
: claim they did most of the crop circles using a board with some nails 
: in it and a string to make sure the circle was perfectly round.  There 
: are some of the circles they claim they did not do, but they blame
: these on copycats.  Probably aliens. 
: --

Aliens see humans making crop circles and think that's how we 
communicate -- and so answer back in kind.

Next they'll start broadcasting their own bad sitcoms in reply to ours.

"Religion is a belief in a supreme being. Science is a belief in a supreme 
generalization." -CHF

Samuel "Dr.Allosaurus" Crider
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