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Re: how many professionals here?

>> At last guess, there are roughly 40-some full-time (or part-time) dinosaur
>> researchers in the world.  On this list-serve, I count one definate, and
>> maybe two or three others who actively participate.  Why so few professionals
>> who actively participate in the dinosaur mailing list discussions?

>Anyway, my guess would be that
>a lot of the professionals are out in the field, and maybe don't
>have access to the Internet to take part in these discussions.
>Even though many of them are "based" at Universities, they may not
>have or use e-mail accounts.
>Then again, some are probably technophobic, as are a lot of the
>historians I know.
>Just my guess.

Actually, there are several prominent professional dinosaur paleontologists
lurking on this net, who (for whatever reason) don't post directly to the
group (although some of them do respond directly to the original poster).
"Lurking" is participation of a sort, and less time consuming than
responding to three or five or twenty messages a day.

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