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Hall and the Teratorns

Forwarded by Terry W. Colvin <colvint@cc.ims.disa.mil>1255MST-1955GMT(Z)3Jan95.

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Subject: Hall and the Teratorns
Author:  forteana@PrimeNet.Com at smtp
Date:    3/1/1995 2:39 PM

>   >Let me know if you need info on obtaining Hall's publications. 
>  That'd help. I'll go and see what I can scrounge in Boston's 
>libraries tomorrow, but if I could get them straight from a publisher 
>or bookseller it'd be a lot faster. If you know which library his stuff 
>resides in, that'd be a help too.

Mark A. Hall has self-published his own very insightful books and journal, 
"Wonders."  His second revised edition of "Thunderbirds!  The Living 
Legends," just came out.  Send twenty bucks* to cover the book and shipping 
to him at

        MAHP, POBox 3153, Butler Station, Minneapolis, MN 55403.

His "Natural Mysteries,"  "More Natural Mysteries," and new tome on yetis 
and Bigfoot are all worth it.  His three years of "Wonders" are likewise 
filled with gems.

I seriously doubt if you find Hall's works in the libraries.  His materials 
are showing up in folks' libraries and via citations in articles on 
thunderbirds, but Hall is the best place to get the complete collection.

I look forward to the transfered postings.


*I don't know if it's okay to say such stuff on e-mail but it seemed 
childish to tell you to send him an Andrew Jackson.