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Re: Question on new theory

> Can anyone give me some information on Stephen J. Gould and his theory
> "Punctuated Equilibrium and Path Dependency for Change" ?
> Is there a book available on this subject ?
> Thanks......
I would recommend the following articles:

Eldredge, N. and Gould, S.J. 1972. Punctuated equilibria: An alternative
        to phyletic gradualism. In Schopf, T.J.M. (ed.) Models in
        paleobiology. Freeman, Cooper, San Francisco, pp. 82-115.
(the original introduction of the theory)

Gould, S.J. and Eldredge, N. 1993. Punctuated equilibrium comes of age.
        Nature, vol. 366, no. 6452, pp. 223-227.
(a look at the current status of the theory 21 years after its initial

I also think that Eldredge's Macroevolutionary dynamics (1989, McGraw-Hill)
might be a good book to check out.

Happy new year to all!

Michel Chartier
Universite de Montreal