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Re: T.rex skull anyone?

>It appears that Mr. Newt is a dino buff!  Our esteemed majority leader
> requested a T.rex skull replica that he could sisplay in his office. A small
>story on this first appeared in the Jan. 24th issue of the Washington Times.
>Not to be outdone, the Sunday Baltimore Sun (Jan 29th) finally ran a similar
>article. Hell, instead of loaning him the cast, let's just give it to him as
>a gift from the paleontological community. That should insure adequate
>funding for the Smithsonian for a while!  Maybe I should get into politics
>instead of doing it the hard way :)
>                                        Tom Lipka

Tom et al -

        Instead of a _T. rex_, shouldn't we give Newt an _Eryops_ or
something a little more apropos?  8-)

        Well, a dinosaur skull in his office will just remind him that he
too is a fossil, and that we all hope he gets hit by a meteor soon...   ;-)

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        "I repainted the picture Brown had painted for us.  A dying,
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see why such creatures would have wanted to do it in the first place."
        "Do what, ma'am?"
        "Why, crawl away back under all that rock to die."

-- Roland T. Bird, _Bones for Barnum Brown_