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Re: K-T Theories

> >This whole thing is a fairly classic story of ecological imbalance.
> >The rabbits were accidentally introduced into Australia (as pets?)
> Introduced as food.  


> I gather this was a fairly common occurance
> with European settlers to toss out a few rabbits on new islands
> so they will make a ready source of meat.  

It should be noted that Rabbits were introduced into Britain and 
Northern Europe by the Romans - also as a food item.  The Polynesian
rat was introduced to New Zealand by the Polynesians - also as a 
food item.

> I recall
> reading that the thylacine was able to make a living off them, but,
> of course, they were exterminated separately, partly, I suppose,
> because they ate rabbits.  

I think that the major concern was over sheep rather than rabbits.

> I don't think Australia had any other large predators at that time.

Apart from Salt Water Crocodiles ... :-)

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