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Re: plural of "archaeopteryx"

>Cur non uiam facilem apertamque sequamur, per formam pluralem simile
>modo "deer" ac "moose" facere?  "Videte illum Archaeopteryx gregem." 
>Quod nemo male interpretetur.
>Let's try that again in English...
>Why don't we take the easy and obvious way out, and make the English
>plural the same way we do for deer and moose?  "Look at that flock of
>Archaeopteryx."  Nobody would misinterpret that.
>-dick (a dead-language fan who bows on occasion to practicality)
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"Videte illum 'Archaeopteryx' gregem" should be "videte illum
Archaeopterygon gregem." That is, you should use the genitive plural of

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Don Squires