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Re: K-T Theories

Stan Friesen <swf@ElSegundoCA.ATTGIS.COM> writes:
> As far as hunting and such like goes - it turns out to be far less
> effective than the diesease at controlling the rabbits.  Prior to
> the arrival of the disease, rabbits were in a fair way to destroying
> the ecology of Australia.  I have seen old photographs of literally
> millions of rabbits being rounded up and killed.
> This whole thing is a fairly classic story of ecological imbalance.
> The rabbits were accidentally introduced into Australia (as pets?)
> and soon become the most common animal on the continent, due to
> a total lack of natural enemies and a nearly complete lack of any
> of the common diseases that kept the rabbits in check in their
> natural habitat.

I watched a PBS special a few months ago in which they showed footage
of the old rabbit hunts and the attempts to build a fence all the way
across the continent (north to south) to stop the spread of the rabbits.
In this documentary, they claimed that the rabbits were introduced by
hunting clubs for sport.

They also discussed the introduction of a particular cactus which is
still out of control in Australia.  I believe it was the pear cactus.
And, they showed periodic population explosions of some sort of rodent.
All of these were fascinating.

Dennis Burke