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re: the deccan traps and the bolide

Bonnie Blackwell writes:
 > >
 > > But it's not anywhere near the antipodes relative to Chicxulub. The
 > > antipodes is well out in the southern Indian ocean, roughly on a
 > > parallel with the middle of the island of Madagascar and over 2,000
 > > miles from the Indian mainland.  I'm no geologist, but that article
 > > sounds to me like a fishing expedition.

Interestingly, that is just about where the hot spot still is.
(It is actually a little north of that - closer to the north
end of Madagascar - but still quite close to the location you say
is antipodes).

Not that this really says the trigger was the impact.

In fact one piece of contrary evidence hasn't been mentioned
yet this time around.  The Deccan volcanism began in the
Normal Magnetic interval *preceding* the Reversed Magnetic
interval in which the impact occured.  Thus the volcanism
started well before the impact.

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