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Re: the deccan traps and the bolide

>From: bonn@qcvaxa.acc.qc.edu ("Bonnie Blackwell, x 3332")
 > i would beg to differ with the recent poster who suggested no relationship
 > between the deccan traps and the chicxulub event.  an article in 
 > J.geophys.Res last year and a summary in Eos, suggested otherwise.
 > essentially they suggested that the deccan was at the antipode of the impact
 > which released so much energy it religned the plates somewhat and focused
 > the energy at the deccan.

Yes, I have heard this idea.  I do not think it is valid.

If the flood volcanism had been an isolated process of a few
hundred thousand years duration, I might accept this.  However,
the fact that the hot spot that formed the Deccans is *still*
active today, 65 million years later, pretty much proves that
the source was deep in the mantle, and thus actually much older
than the K-T boundary (since it takes millions of years for
a plume to reach the surface from deep in the mantle).

Indeed I think you will find that the *responses* to the article
you site pretty much demolish its arguments.

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