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Re: fossil sales

Robert Johnson <johnsorl@Colorado.EDU>:
>       I wonder if Dinosaurs are popular with some because they're dead
>       and don't require expensive conservation management, habitats, etc.?

Ah.  I was wondering when some some other greenie would rise
to the bait.  All we lack now is the "dittohead" appelation.

But for your information, dinosaurs may be extinct, but they _do_
require expensive conservation management, habitats, etc.  That
was the _original_ (and legitimate) purpose of this thread to
point out.  Nor do I begrudge the money, since that protection
is usually fairly successful.  Ideally, any non-professional
collecting on public lands would be restricted to simply reporting
the find, as they would any other mineral resource so discovered.

It would be nice if major collection areas had a digger "on-call",
as it were, to check out reports and determine priorities as soon
as a fossil is discovered.  Maybe 1-800-FOUNDIT.

Thanks for talking (somewhat peripherally) about dinosaurs.

Larry Smith