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Re: fossil sales

        I wonder if Dinosaurs are popular with some because they're dead
        and don't require expensive conservation management, habitats, etc.?

On Tue, 31 Jan 1995 larrys@zk3.dec.com wrote:

> >If a posting generates discussion,  as mine concerning the parallels between
> >wildlife trafficking and fossil trafficking did,  obviously it IS germane to
> >this board
> Oh, isn't that just peachy.  So if I were to claim that most
> professors are idiots and overfunded by the gov't for useless
> projects and _that_ erupted into a flamewar, then _that_ would
> be "germane" too, I suppose.  YOU pulled that comparison out of
> a hat - a hat several sizes too small for your head, by the way -
> and posted soley to stick in some of your damned propaganda.  And
> I, for one, have no use for it.  This _mailing_list_, not "board",
> is for discussing _dinosaurs_ and _fossils_.  Not wildlife, not
> even _parallels_ with wildlife.  You have a half a dozen newsgroups
> dedicated to your propaganda.  Kindly keep it _off_ the dinosaurs
> list.
> >Incidentally,  ANIMAL PEOPLE is an independent newspaper covering the broad
> >range of animal protection,
> >I'll be happy to send a free sample to anyone who wants one--just e-mail me
> >your U.S. postal address.